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Chromania, this has been something I have always wanted to explore but for some reason or the other I found my self in the ring of procrastination.

For me, with the given title of this creative piece “chromania”, this I had come to coin to mean the “use of colour”, and thought of a way of incorporating this idea into something simple yet outstanding.

‘….And then came FASHION.’

We live in a world stained with rich pigmented colours; some brighter and enticing than the rest.

Chromania is all about colours, and how I as an artist have found a connection through its blend with style in contrast to its monochromatic glory. Seized the moment and had it photographed for further inspiration and enlightenment of a less understanding society .

stormé © 2017

1. Deja vu

2. Epiphany

3. Breeze

4. Brace up


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