He was watching you. You knew this because you were watching him too. The screen of your phone was tilted slightly to the right as it always was on Tuesdays. You were having your final lecture of the day, a four to six class no one liked attending - even the lecturer. You watched … Continue reading THE FIVE STAGES OF OYINDA ROGERS


untitled #2

Trying to balance a tray of oranges on your head is hard, extremely hard. You ponder over your decision to select this mode of disguise as you edge closer to the women selling by the roadside, gossiping about topics such as the price of Mama Bomboy's wrapper and the suddenly protruding belly of Aisha the … Continue reading untitled #2


Ten days before Odili died it rained, oval drops of tears descended onto the open surface disregarding everything in it's wake. It also rained curses from the woman with the sky blue iron container whom Odili had stolen groundnut from earlier that day. Odili didn't care about either. He dragged the worn soles of his … Continue reading WAVES

the first time

  You're eighteen the first time you see him, fresh into college and still getting lost on the way to lecture rooms. Ironically you're late the first time you see him but you don't really take notice of time. You've read this in a million books, when time literally slows down as the main character … Continue reading the first time

untitled #1

You're at a club with Sade, it's pretty run down, the tables are sporting chipped paint, you're sure that faded brown spot on the otherwise grey floor wasn't a touch of colour. You're not here for the aesthetic anyways, you're here for the crowd. Well, not exactly you, Sade is. Sade is your best friend, … Continue reading untitled #1